What We Do


We work to provide assistance to women girls through programs and awards.

Who We Are


We are professional women in Monroe County that want to help other women and girls.

Fundraising Committee

This committee is responsible for hosting fundraising events and those proceeds go back into the club to help with service projects and awards. This is a very rewarding and fun committee if you like teamwork and planning.

Service Committee

This committee is looking for needs in the community where our members can provide hands on help with projects and also gather information on the monetary needs of various agencies such as SunriseHouse, Paula’s House I & II, and New Beginnings-Mercy House

Public Awareness Committee

This committee is responsible for getting the word out to the general population regarding our club, it’s mission, and our various activities though several channels like press releases, contact local radio stations, news channels and social media. This committee will also work with the Celebration of Women committee to secure advertisers for our program booklet.

Awards Committee

This committee is responsible for the awards that are given out each year.  They share the application with many different avenues like schools and groups so everyone has the ability to apply.  

Girls Program Committee

This committee will assist with existing “S” Clubs in the schools and assist the with the installation of their officers.

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for reaching out to potential new members with information and membership applications. They also plan the annual Membership Drive Potluck where women that have expressed an interest in joining our club are invited to attend for a social evening. This committee is also responsible with assigning mentors to new members and following up with them to make sure that they feel welcome.

2019/2020 Officers


Laurie Sherman

Vice President

Shannon Porath


Bonnie Snyder


Gail Hutra


Elaine Cangealose, Patricia Cavell, Pricilla Hutra